Simple Ways to Thank your Customers

Customer AppreciationThe Small Business Administration recently posted an article listing seven ways to tell your customers “thank you” and we thought it worth sharing a snippet from it. If you want to improve your customer care and retention, it’s best to focus on those little extras that show them that you appreciate their business:

  1. Hold a party. Get in on the celebration early with a November party. A B2B business can host an event at the office; hold a holiday luncheon, dinner or cocktail celebration at a local restaurant; or invite customers to the company holiday party. A B2C business could host a party at the store or location or rent a local space. Make the party festive with contests, celebrations of top customers and goody bags for attendees.
  2. Send greeting cards, notes or letters. …
  3. Spotlight your best customers. Make November Customer Appreciation Month and spotlight a different customer every week (or daily if you can manage it). Post a photo of the customer, a few quotes from them about why they appreciate your business, and a few words from you about why you appreciate their business. Interview the customer about their favorite product/service/employee at your business, how they first heard of your business, how long they’ve been customers—anything that tells a story.

Read the full article at SBA. gov website.

Ready to develop a comprehensive Customer Strategy? Go beyond just a marketing plan, to a complete Customer Strategy on how you will woo in new customers and wow them into staying. See our section on Wooing and Wowing Customers.