New Wind logoFounded in 2008, New Wind Business Solutions provides fresh solutions for your business needs. We have interests in both the publishing industry and in business consulting. New Wind designs websites, creates HR forms and guidebooks, and provides other services to support businesses, non-profits, and individuals. While New Wind is located in California, but we have had clients from all over the USA.

New Wind is a small, privately-held California corporation headquartered in the city of Yucaipa.


New Wind Business Solutions  was founded by Eric Lorenzen in 2008. Eric is still very active in the company, serving as its president. He personally works with every client we have, making sure their needs are met.

New Wind originally established itself as a nationwide leader in customized employee policies, crafting employee handbooks and policy manuals for businesses and non-profits throughout the USA. New Wind stopped providing such services in 2013 due to changes in federal regulations that made our business model no longer viable.

In 2012, we expanded into publishing, starting our Reader Hill division. (See below for more information)

In 2014, we added PublicAuthor.com to our offered services. Through Public Author, we help writers to get their manuscripts published as paperbacks and e-books through major retailers around the world.


Other Divisions

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Public Author

In 2014, we began a service just for writers called Public Author. If you are an author looking to publish your manuscript or want an author’s website, please visit PublicAuthor.com and learn more.


Reader Hill RH logo 2Reader Hill Publishing

Established in 2012, Reader Hill is committed to publishing excellent fiction and practical non-fiction.  As a small press, we are highly selective concerning both our authors and our projects. Currently, we specialize in the genres of Fantasy and Science Fiction, but we will be expanding to other genres of fiction in the future.

In the area of non-fiction, Reader Hill currently specializes in two areas: business and religious. In business, we publish guidebooks under our imprint Loyal Guide. In the religious category, we specialize in church administration and Christian life categories, but expect to expand in other areas in the future.

To learn more, visit the Reader Hill website.


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Genuine HR

At Genuine HR, we want to be part of your support team by providing practical HR resources to you and your leadership team. We have created our guidebooks to relieve some of the headaches faced by every manager, supervisor, administrator, and business owner. We want to ease that pressure so that you can find more joy in working with your staff. Let us help you with the “personnel side” of your organization, so that you can focus more on the “business side” of things.

We design guidebooks, forms, and other HR resources specifically aimed at small businesses and churches in the USA.

To Learn More, visit the Genuine HR website.

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