Learn About Our CompanyHi, I’m Eric Lorenzen. I’m the guy who started New Wind Business Solutions. Back in 2008, during the Great Recession, my wife and I incorporated New Wind with the goal of becoming a company that helps businesses, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs by providing fresh solutions to their particular needs.

Now it’s over a decade later and we are still in business and still helping others thrive. Even though we are headquartered in California, we work with businesses and nonprofits throughout the USA, helping them to develop their employee policies and procedures.

New Wind has two other divisions that provide additional services: Reader Hill and Public Author. (See the “Our Divisions” section below to learn more about them.)

Eric Lorenzen- founder of New Wind Business SolutionsThanks for taking the time to read about New Wind and I hope you will now take the next step and contact us. I would really like to meet you because I think New Wind can help your business or nonprofit, just like we’ve helped so many others over the years.

Whether you need business consulting or nonprofit consulting, I’m sure we can make it happen.

Thanks again for visiting and may your organization flourish.

Have a great day from New WindAre you located in Southern California and need a speaker for your business group, association, or service club? Eric might be the one you’re looking for. Please see our Public Speaking page for more info.

Divisions of New WindNew Wind Business Solutions has two other divisions: Public Author and Reader Hill.

Public Author by New WindThrough Public Author we design professional websites and offer publishing assistance. Learn more at the Public Author website.

Reader Hill by New WindReader Hill is an independent, small press that publishes books in the categories of business, religion, and fiction. Learn more at the Reader Hill website.


Our Clients at New WindAt New Wind, our clients have included new start-ups, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, small businesses, and medium-sized businesses.

We have experience consulting and training with businesses from a variety of industries, including: retail, retail support, restaurant, manufacturing, industrial, wholesale, construction, and home services.

In addition, we have experience consulting nonprofits such as churches, preschools, and research organizations.

Would you like to read what others have said about us? If so, please see our Testimonials page.

Do you have some unanswered questions about our services? If so, please see our FAQs page to see some of the most-frequently asked questions.

Core Values of New WindAs a company, we hold to certain values as a priority:

Work with Integrity: We seek to be genuine, to live up to our commitments, and to do our best for every client.

Speak Truth with Kindness: We believe people deserve to hear facts and opinions without deception, but that truth should be delivered with a caring attitude.

Listen with Empathy and Respect: We think everyone deserves to be heard and respected as a person. We also believe that we can “agree to disagree” and still be friendly.

Earn a Fair Profit with a Purpose: We desire to earn a fair profit and will invest that profit into our business, our employees, and our community.

Honor God with our Actions: We intend to live a life that is caring, otherly, and worshipful.

More Resources from New WindAt New Wind, we offer many other resources to help organizations thrive.

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