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Customized to your Business; We work with you

Custom Employee HandbookEmployee policies and laws can get confusing. What is required of your company, considering its size, industry, and location? At New Wind, we work with you to craft a custom employee handbook unique to your business or nonprofit.

Have New Wind help you to design an Employee Handbook just for your business. We will put in the policies that you need and want, and we will make sure that you understand the “why” behind each. Let us do the work with you! Here are some of the reasons why you should use us to design your custom Employee Handbook

Save Money: Downloading an employee handbook template from the Internet might seem cheaper ($30 to $250), but add in your precious labor hours. A template will really cost you hundreds of extra dollars. Instead, our professionals can do the work, while saving you money.

Save Time: Why waste valuable hours trying to create an employee handbook from a template? Have New Wind’s professional staff design your next employee handbook for you, and get it done faster.

We Design the Correct HR Policies: New Wind conducts a thorough phone interview or in-person meeting to make certain that the correct HR policies are in your employee handbook.

We Design Custom Employee Policies: Not only do we customize each employee handbook policy to your company, we can also add new employee handbook policies tailored specifically to your business.

You will Understand your HR Policies: We explain each policy in your new employee handbook, to make sure you
understand why it is there. We also include a companion CD that provides legal explanations behind the policies in your new employee handbook.

You will get Support from us: At New Wind, we support every employee handbook we design. After completion,
you can still return to us over the next 120 days for free revisions (see warranty).

In the years ahead, when your company grows or your HR policies change, you can return to New Wind. We also offer professional employee handbook revisions at a reasonable price.

Reputation: New Wind has designed custom employee handbooks for businesses throughout the USA. We stand behind every client’s project, for our goal is to attain complete customer satisfaction.

Employee Handbook services includes:

  1. Consultation (by phone or in-person) where we discuss the policies you want and/or need.
  2. Preparation of employee handbook based on consultation.
  3. Review Meeting, where we go over the policies and do any additional changes or revising.
  4. Finished Employee Handbook presented to you, including three sample copies.

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Still unsure whether you’re ready for an employee manual? Then please keep reading.

Quality Employee Handbook Service

Designed to your HR Policies; We do the work for you

An Employee Handbook is right for any business with multiple employees that has grown enough that it’s time to get those policies in writing.  Do you have multiple managers or supervisors in your business? If so, then setting your employee policies in writing helps to make sure everyone understands what the procedures are for overtime, vacation, sick leave, using company property, and so on.

Professional yet affordable. New Wind will design a custom Employee Handbook that is unique to your business or organization. We take a thorough survey of your current and expected HR policies, then design a unique, custom Employee Handbook for your company.

We do the work and you get a professionally done Employee Handbook that fits your organization.

Not certain on what you want included? We ask the right questions to help determine which policies and procedures to include.

Our corporate goal is complete customer satisfaction. As a way to reach that goal, we offer unlimited draft versions of a custom Employee Handbook, until the client is satisfied with what we have designed. Full payment is not required until the client approves the final version of the Employee Handbook. After completion of your new Employee Handbook, you still have 120 days to return to us for any needed revisions, just in case your policies, procedures or benefits change. Prices vary depending on complexity of the project. Extra costs for larger companies, certain industries, multi-state handbooks, and unionized labor force.

An Employee Handbook explains rules, standards, HR policies, benefits, expectations, and culture. Consider the many policies and procedures that could be included. (See Policy List on the left.)

We customize your employee handbook to your specific benefits, policies, and work rules. Contact us now for your new Customized Employee Handbook.

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Pricing Varies– depending on industry, employee count, whether you are multi-site business, whether unionized or not,  and so on. Please contact us for details.

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