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Pro Grade Customer Strategy from New WindAt New Wind, we help you get a clear-eyed view of who your ideal customers are and how to reach them, impress them, and keep them coming back.  Don’t throw more money into any marketing pit until you’ve had us come in and assess how your current marketing and customer service. We’ll let you know how you’re doing and what gaps might exist.

At New Wind, we are giving you the big picture from 30,000 feet up and then swoop down and deal with the details too. What are your marketing goals? Are you trying to increase sales or are you just building brand awareness? We can help you develop a comprehensive plan before committing any of your marketing budget. What are you customer service goals? Are you trying to provide value, service, prestige, quality, or convenience (or some combination of these)?  We can help you plan the customer experience you want to have happen.

The idea is to Woo and Wow your customers. You want to woo them in, attracting more and better clientele. And then you’ll want to wow them, impressing them enough that not only will they come back but they’ll tell others about your business. With an effective customer strategy, you’ll be able greatly improve both customer acquisition and customer retention.

Greater than just Marketing

We develop a Customer Strategy rather than just a Marketing Strategy. There’s quite a difference between the two. A marketing strategy simply looks at the best way to invest your marketing budget to achieve the best results for your business. A Customer Strategy steps back and helps you understand the big picture first- who is your ideal customer, what are their felt needs, and how can you best reach them at the moment when they are ready to buy?

Customer Strategy from New WindWhen crafting a Customer Strategy we consider many factors, including:

  • Your Ideal Customer
  • Your Branding
  • Customer Support
  • Your Message and Mission
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing Strategy

Target your ideal customers. We help you strategize on how to attract and keep the right customer. Why spend money on reaching the wrong audience? Frankly, with careful planning you might be able to greatly reduce your marketing budget because you’ll be better aimed. You’ll be attracting more customers organically, instead of just through paid advertising.

Become purposeful with customer service. Don’t leave things up to chance. Instead, we can help you develop a thoughtful plan for impressing your customers. You’ll be able to WOW them.

Balanced and In-Depth

We do the research for you. No need to fumble about trying to find ways to attract and retain customers; have us investigate what will work best for your business. You want to be able to WOO in the best customers, and with us you’re getting advice customized to your industry, location, and particular company. We look at everything from your physical “storefront” to your online presence, from current customers to under-reached markets. We look at possible investments in building signage, branding, internet listings, direct mail, print advertisement, online ads, and so much more. We consider target demographics, service areas, and traffic patterns. With our help, you will have a plan in place before you talk to any marketing or advertising company.

We are unbiased. We are a consulting company, not a marketing company, so we aren’t trying to shoehorn you into a particular product or service. Most marketing companies have only a limited selection of services to offer you, while we present you with options across a wide spectrum, explaining the pros and cons of each so that you can make an informed decision on how to invest your marketing budget. We help develop a plan BEFORE you sign up with any agency. Plan your marketing with our insights, so that your money will bring a healthy increase in sales.

“The service was excellent. Eric always got back to us in a timely manner, and was extremely professional.”

Leslie O.
vice president of a wholesale and distribution company

Save Money and Time

Save money now and make more money over the years ahead.  Through Customer Strategy Consulting, you won’t have to make a “wild guess” on where to allocate your marketing dollars and you won’t have to leave customer care up to chance.

See us before you sign up for any marketing campaign or advertising contract, and we’ll help you discover the best approach for investing your money- an approach that will be unique to your particular business and targeted at your most-likely customers. Our assessment of your business is customized to your specific company; there is no cookie-cutter approach with us.

Before you commit to spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month to a particular marketing approach or advertising campaign, invest in Customer Strategy Consulting from New Wind and you will have a marketing plan that can guide your customer outreach for years to come.

Stop Guessing on Marketing and Customer Care

Are you ready implement a professional-grade Customer Strategy? Are you ready stop guessing about your marketing and customer care? Are you ready to take control of your company’s future? If so, you need to talk to us. We offer Professional-Grade Business ConsultingSM for those who are ready to upgrade their customer strategy.

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Get a Marketing Check-Up

Woo Assessment of business marketingWe can assess your current marketing efforts (and note areas that are being missed). How good are you at wooing in new clients?

With a Woo AssessmentSM, we review over 100 topics in twelve broad categories, giving you great overview at what your business is doing well and what marketing areas might need improvement.

Reaching new customers includes much more than a digital marketing plan, which is why our assessment covers such a broad spectrum: from storefront to online presence, from advertising to business listings.  This is a fantastic value at just $295.* Learn more.

Get a Customer Care Check-Up

Wow Assessment of Customer CareWe can also help with creating a terrific Customer Experience for each client or customer. A stellar customer experience is vital for getting return business and referred business, so don’t let this be an afterthought. Instead, have us do a Wow AssessmentSM on your business, where we look at over 100 topics over 12 broad categories, to determine the areas where your business is shining and where you might want to improve your customer service. For only $295.*, a Wow AssessmentSM is worth the investment. Learn more.

(*Pricing on Assessments may be higher for larger or multi-site businesses or for more complex assessments. Please contact us for details.)

Website Designing: we craft customized, WordPress-based websites that are beautiful and practical.

Online Presence: we help companies get their initial online presence started, with business listings, Google maps, etc.


Pro Grade Customer Strategy from New Wind

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Professional-Grade Business ConsultingSM , Woo AssessmentSM , and Wow AssessmentSM are service marks of New Wind Business Solutions.

New Wind Business Solutions is a business consultant company that provides marketing advice, market research, and marketing analysis as some of its services. New Wind also consults on customer experience, customer care, and client care. We work with established businesses that are ready to upgrade their customer strategy to include a true Woo and Wow experience for their customers. We have advised companies, nonprofits, and individuals throughout Southern California.