Woo and Wow Customers

At New Wind, we help our clients discover the right mixture of marketing and customer service that will allow their business to thrive. We are NOT a marketing company, so we don’t have a particular product or service that we’re pushing. We are a consulting company and we help business owners and managers understand what’s best for their particular business.

Start with a Customized Assessment for only $295.*

  1. Woo AssessmentTM is all about Customer Acquisition. We tackle how you attract new customers. Learn more.
  2. Wow AssessmentTM  is all about Customer Retention. We tackle the “customer experience”, looking at customer interaction,  customer care,  and customer communication. Learn more.

After a customized assessment from us, you will have a good picture of where your business is at and what areas need to be addressed. You can use it to improve your marketing and customer service on your own, or you can hire us for some in-depth consulting to develop a plan on how to maximize your dollars for the greatest results.

“The service was excellent. Eric always got back to us in a timely manner, and was extremely professional.”

Leslie O.
vice president of a wholesale and distribution company

At New Wind, we help Southern California businesses expand their customer base, while also improving the overall customer experience so that their retention rate also improves.

Assess Today: We can assess your current marketing methods and customer service levels. These assessments will reveal your strengths and also any gaps in your marketing or customer care.

Plan for Tomorrow: We can also go to the next level and help you plan for the future, strategizing your marketing approach and developing a purposeful plan for great customer experiences.

Woo and Wow your Customers

Read on to learn more about our Customer Acquisition and Customer Retention services:

Reaching New Customers

Woo Assessment of business marketingAt New Wind, we can help with your marketing plans. We can assess your current marketing efforts (and note areas that are being missed). How good are you at wooing in new clients?

With a Woo AssessmentTM, we review over 100 topics in twelve broad categories, giving you great overview at what your business is doing well and what marketing areas might need improvement.

Reaching new customers includes much more than a digital marketing plan, which is why our assessment covers such a broad spectrum: from storefront to online presence, from advertising to business listings.  This is a fantastic value at just $295.* Learn more.

Marketing Strategy PlanNeed help formulating a comprehensive marketing plan? Hire us for Marketing Strategy Consulting and we will develop a Marketing Strategy Plan specifically for your business. Where our assessment looks at your current situation, our marketing plan helps you decide what direction to take for the future, as you reach out to new customers.

You’ll be able to invest your marketing dollars in the best ways to help increase sales. Become an informed business owner or manager. Have us do the research and provide the marketing advice before you ever  talk to any marketing company or start any advertising campaigns. Learn more.

Fantastic Customer Care

Wow Assessment of Customer CareAt New Wind, we can also help with creating a terrific Customer Experience for each client or customer. A stellar customer experience is vital for getting return business and referred business, so don’t let this be an afterthought. Instead, have us do a Wow AssessmentTM on your business, where we look at over 100 topics over 12 broad categories, to determine the areas where your business is shining and where you might want to improve your customer service. For only $295.*, a Wow AssessmentTM is worth the investment. Learn more.

Customer Experience PlanNeed help raising your customer service to the next level? Then hire us for Customer Experience Consulting and get a Customer Experience Plan from us, where we not only look at where your customer care and support is at currently, but find ways to greatly improve it.

Working together, we’ll discover the most efficient ways to impress customers, to get them to say, “Wow!” about the quality customer service. Learn more.

Additional Services

  1. Website Designing
  2. Online Presence

(*Pricing on Assessments may be higher for larger or multi-site businesses or for more complex assessments. Please contact us for details.)


New Wind Business Solutions

Woo AssessmentTM and Wow AssessmentTM are trademarks of New Wind Business Solutions.

New Wind Business Solutions is a business consultant company that provides marketing advice, market research, and marketing analysis as some of its services. New Wind also consults on customer experience, customer care, and client care. We work with established businesses and we are also small business consultants, start-up consultants, and entrepreneur consultants. We have advised companies, nonprofits, and individuals throughout Southern California.