Coronavirus Telecommuting Policy

Business ChecklistWe are entering an uncertain time for business as many are facing the fears of a pandemic. COVID-19, often called the Coronavirus, is inflicting more and more in the USA, forcing companies to get creative in the ways that they do business. One possible option that many organizations are considering is allowing employees to work from home, to telecommute.

At New Wind, we understand your concerns and uncertainties on how to more forward with telecommuting during the Coronavirus attack. How should you proceed to allow employees to work from home? What rules should you have in place for telecommuters? To help you and many others, we have put together a sample Emergency Telecommute Policy that might help you get this implemented. This policy is free for you to copy, edit and use.

Please note: New Wind makes no representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness of these documents and specifically disclaims all warranties of fitness for a particular purpose. These documents may not be suitable for your particular situation or need. Please consult a competent professional as needed.

TeleworkerThis sample should not be sold or incorporated into any for-profit resource or publication. Click below to get your pdf copy:

Emergency Telecommuting Policy

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