Employee Paid Leave in New Hampshire

New Hampshire recently adopted an employee paid leave program. This law goes into effect on January 1, 2023, but it is a voluntary program that organizations can chose to participate in or not.

According to Jackson Lewis, a leading labor law firm,

The voluntary program, called the Granite State Paid Family Leave Plan, provides New Hampshire workers with 60 percent wage replacement for up to six weeks of work per year if they take time off for personal health or family reasons.

Debra Weiss Ford and Nancy E. Oliver from Jackson Lewis (link to the complete article.)

What should you do? As a New Hampshire employer, you don’t need to do anything concerning this new law since the program is voluntary. Should you choose to join it, there are tax credits available although you may also need to update your employee policies to make sure they are in full compliance. Read more details by reading the article linked above.

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