Local Websites for Businesses

We recently completed two more local websites. At New Wind, we work with our clients to design great websites that meet their specific needs. The first website we designed was for Yucaipa Shoe Repair, a local business that had been around for many decades. They wanted to reach more customers in the surrounding communities and also more customers in the public service sector (like firefighters and police).  Here are the results:

Yucaipa Shoe Repair website


The second website is actually a Blog that talks about personal experiences raising kids, being married, working, and life in general.  We helped them develop a unique, memorable name as well: Fast Food Family.  Here are the results of that project:

FastFoodFamily website


Are you interested in getting a website for yourself or your business?
If so, contact us at New Wind Business Solutions and we will provide you with a detailed quote.


New Wind logo

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