Promo: Employee Discipline eBook is Free for Limited Time

Target the Work, Not the Worker bookAmazon is promoting Eric Lorenzen’s eBook Target the Work, Not the Worker: Effective Employee Discipline for Managers, Supervisors, and Business Owners today through Friday (Oct. 9-11, 2019).

Get your copy of this e-book for FREE.

Target the Work, Not the Worker is a concise, step-by-step guide on how to warn employees, write up troublemakers, and fire those employees who can’t be salvaged.

  • Learn the 4 steps of discipline, what progressive discipline means, and how to document poor performance.
  • Understand how to control your own attitude and responses.
  • Get a better understanding of why employees sometimes fail and the importance of not guessing at what might be their motivations.
  • Master the when, where, how, and what of any disciplinary meeting.
  • Understand what laws to watch out for when firing an employee.

“Target the Work, Not the Worker will help you become a more effective leader for your team.” Target the Work, Not the Worker is part of the How to be a Better Boss series and is intended as a general business guidebook, addressing the needs of managers, supervisors, and small business owners in the USA.

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