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With a Wow AssessmentTM  , we look at the ways your business is interacting with your customers. With this review, you’ll learn what you are doing well to please your customers, and where your customer service might be lacking. Some of the types of questions that will be answered by this assessment are things like:

  • How are your employees interacting with visitors and customers?
  • Do your clients get the attention they deserve?
  • How is your communication to customers?
  • What is your business’ first impression on the typical customer?
  • What is the last impression your business gives to the typical customer?

When we do a Wow AssessmentTM for your business, we review 100 items in a dozen categories to gauge the customer experience at your business. The customer care categories we assess are:

  1. First Impression
  2. Greetings
  3. Complaint and Refund Processes
  4. Customer Care and Support
  5. Customer Communications
  6. Response Time
  7. Exceeding Expectations
  8. Public Image and Online Reviews
  9. Employee-Customer Interactions
  10. Sales Process (speed,  smoothness, transparency)
  11. After-Sale Attention
  12. Last Impression

When you get the final Wow AssessmentTM report, you’ll have a detailed picture of where your business is doing a great job and what areas might need more attention.

This is a thorough overview of the customer service being provided. You get all this for just $295.* What a great deal.

We are unbiased. We are a consulting company, not a marketing company or a seller of knick-knacks or a software company, so we aren’t doing the “square peg into a round hole” trick. We don’t just focus on one narrow part of your customer care; we look across a wide spectrum.

With our help, you can impress customers and get them coming back again and again.  With a Wow AssessmentTM, you won’t have to leave customer satisfaction to chance.

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Great advice on customer care at a great price.  A Wow AssessmentTM starts at just $295.* For that price, you receive a customized customer experience analysis for your business.

Contact us today to schedule your assessment or to learn more.

(*Pricing may be higher for larger or multi-site businesses or for more complex assessments. Please contact us for details.)

Want more than just an assessment? If so, we offer Customer Strategy Consulting. We will not only assess your current client care and customer service, but we also provide a detailed plan on how to greatly improve the whole sales experience so that customers will be more satisfied and more likely to refer others to you.

Don’t just learn about your strengths and weaknesses in customer service; get a detailed, customized plan on how to excel in providing a great customer experience.

Learn more about our Customer Strategy Consulting.

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