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With a Woo AssessmentTM  ,we look at your current marketing and advertising, including online presence and physical “storefront”. Can the right customer find you easily? Are there any marketing gaps? Are there any roadblocks hindering sales? Get a detailed, customized report for only $295.*

the best ways for your business to attract new customers. We find the right mixture of active and passive marketing to woo in the most and best for your specific company. We help you understand the big picture first- the pros and cons of the many different ways to make your business more visible, so that you can make an informed decision on how best to invest your marketing budget.

We are unbiased. We are a consulting company, not a marketing company, so we aren’t trying to shoehorn you into a particular product or service. Most marketing companies focus strictly on your online advertising, never even considering your physical “storefront” or even your general online presence. At New Wind, we take a more holistic approach, looking at all the ways you can woo in new customers.

Save money now and make more money over the years ahead.  With a Woo AssessmentTM, you won’t have to make a “wild guess” on where to allocate your marketing dollars.

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Great marketing advice at a great price.  A Woo AssessmentTM starts at just $295.* For that price, you receive a customized marketing analysis of your business.

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(*Pricing may be higher for larger or multi-site businesses or for more complex assessments. Please contact us for details.)

Looking for marketing direction for today and the future? Then consider our Customer Strategy Consulting, where we will not only review your current marketing but provide sound direction on where to invest your marketing dollars in the future.

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