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iStock_000021779385MediumLooking for a wonderful website?

At New Wind, we seek to create beautiful websites that are also practical. We specialize in WordPress-based sties. Below are some examples of the websites that we have built for various clients:


Yucaipa Shoe Repair website

Type: Retail Store
Needs: Wanted a site to highlight the many specialty services provided as a way to reach new customers. Also wanted site optimized to reach specific markets.

Website Designing- Eric Lorenzen website

Type: Author of Science Fiction and Fantasy
Needs: Wanted a “look” that would fit to both genres, so that it wouldn’t clash when the various featured books appeared on screen.


Type: Handyman Service
Needs: Wanted website optimized to reach local customers looking for his services.

MormonismToGrace website

Type: Non-Profit Ministry
Needs: Author Carma Naylor wanted a friendly, yet professional-looking site to feature her books and ministry.

Website Designing- IRIS

Type: Business Consulting Company
Needs: IRIS wanted a professional look for their start-up business; they provide call center training on handling deaf relay calls.

Cathie Norton website

Type:  Author of Paranormal Romance and Women’s Adventures
Needs: Wanted a site to reflect the mood of her novels

Darcie Lynns Bookstore

Type: Retail Store
Needs: Wanted to feature their unique mix of used books and store events.


Type: Tutoring Service and Child Educational Event Planner
Needs: Wanted a whimsical yet professional look for this start-up. We also developed the domain name for customer.

A B Loren author website

Type: Website for a Romance Author
Needs: Wanted a simple website with a touch of romance to its personality

ReaderHill website2

Type: small, independent publisher of fiction and non-fiction
Needs: Company wanted a crisp, professional look that was easy to navigate.

Tag Warren website

Type: Promotional site for an upcoming series of YA Dystopia novels
Needs: Author wanted a website for his upcoming book series as a place for readers to learn more about the characters and stories (site still under development- books come out later in 2015)

LoyalGuide website2

Type: publisher of business books
Needs: Company desired a rich, business-like feel to highlight their various books.


GenuineHR website

Type: Business Info Site
Needs: Wanted a news magazine feeling. Site receives quite a bit of outside traffic for free HR forms.

FastFoodFamily website

Type: Blog on the topics of kids, marriage, work, and life
Needs: Wanted a site that would encourage reader participation. We also developed the domain name for customer.


Type: Church Specialty Site
Needs: Wanted a site for church’s singles group that was friendly and easy for leaders to maintain.


Type: Small Business HR Resource Site

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