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Are you looking to stand out from the crowd?

Business Websites by New WindWe design rich yet practical websites for businesses, non-profits, and individuals. At New Wind, we make rock-solid websites that look great and get the job done.

The websites we craft are WordPress-based, which makes them very affordable, easy to maintain, and simple to update. Every site we design has robust SEO, excellent site visitation analytics, and a beautiful appearance.

We don’t make super-fancy websites, but we do make sites that are practical and professional in appearance.

Stand out from your competition, especially online.

What is included in a website from New Wind?

When we design a website we make sure to craft it the right way. Each standard Website Designing includes:Websites for Business

  • Customized WordPress-based site
  • SEO optimization
  • Mobile responsive design
  • SSL security
  • Up to 5 pages
  • Up to 250 words of new text per page
  • Up to 5,000 words of text you provide
  • Up to 5 stock photos
  • Up to 25 photos you provide
  • Custom Domain
  • 1 year of Hosting included
  • Basic Logo design

Personalized. We take the time to interview you and learn your needs and wants.

No ongoing fees from us (unless you add on any of our optional Monthly Plans), and the annual renewal fees are less than $100* to WordPress.
[* annual rate set by WordPress and may change. This estimate is for a standard “Personal” plan with domain registration. Other WordPress plans, including e-commerce plans, will cost more annually.] 

Solid yet Flexible. Your website is built on a solid foundation that allows you to add on as your business grows in the future.

Why use a WordPress platform?

Wordpress based website designWordPress is the industry leader in website services. As quoted on Wikipedia, because it is “used by more than 60 million websites, including 30.6% of the top 10 million websites as of April 2018, WordPress is the most popular website management system in use.”

That means your website will be built on a platform that is mainstream.  WordPress stays current and up-to-date in new technologies and features. Although we customize every website we design at the New Wind, the infrastructure is still WordPress and that means you have the support of a much wider, global community of users and developers.

A Dynamic Website that is Mobile Responsive

Responsive Website Design from New WIndThese days people access the internet on lots of different devices, from desktop computers to smart phones, from laptops to smart watches. So you need a website that’s dynamic, that responds to the device accessing it.

At New Wind, every website we make is crafted to be mobile friendly. We want all your customers to enjoy interacting with your website, whether they are using a huge screen or something that fits on their wrist.

A Beautiful Website that is Secure

Not only do we build great looking websites, but they are also strongly secured, using “https” instead of the older, more vulnerable “http.” The difference means a far more secure link between the user and your website and that your website is better guarded against hackers. Frankly, Google can often penalize unsecured “http” sites or even warn users to keep away from them. Make sure your new website looks great and is safe to use.

Wondering About Pricing and Options?

Pricing for Website DesigningAt New Wind, we design fantastic websites for a reasonable price. And we offer a full-range of service options to our clients. If you are “ready-to-go” and just need someone to design your site, then we can do that. But it’s okay if you aren’t sure what the best words are to explain your business, because we can help with that too. We take the time to make sure your new website is a great fit for your business.

In addition, we also provide monthly plans for our websites, for maintenance and for website management. These are great options for those who don’t want to hassle with maintaining and updating their site. They just hire us to do that.

With New Wind, you can pick the services that are the best fit for you.

3 Options for Website Design

1. Website Only Design Package: includes all the features mentioned above, and is a secure, WordPress-based, mobile-friendly site costs only $975, one-time fee, with an annual renewal charge* due to WordPress of less than $100. (* Renewal rates set by WordPress and are subject to change. Optional plans, such as an e-commerce plan, do cost more annually. Talk to us for details.)

2. Website with Maintenance Design Package: includes all the features mentioned above, plus a monthly maintenance plan. This plan includes site maintenance(1), corrections(2), and monthly reporting.

This plan is a great value, especially if you expect your site to remain relatively unchanged for the next few years. We’ll provide the maintenance and provide you with reports on site traffic. Website design fee is $875, and then $45 a month.
[Requires an initial 90-day commitment, then becomes a month-to-month plan. WordPress standard “Personal” plan annual renewal charge included in our Maintenance Plan. For notes #1 and 2 see below Comparison chart.]

3. Website with Management Design Package: includes everything in a Maintenance Plan, plus active management to keep your site relevant and the information fresh. This includes regular website updates(3), such as adding new information and deleting out-of-date material. Also includes Social Media updates, with up to 2 blog/Facebook posts per month(4).

This plan is an excellent value for a more dynamic website, if you want to regularly update information and create new content like blog posts, company news, or seasonal specials. Website design fee is $775, and then $165 a month.
[Requires an initial 90-day commitment, then becomes a month-to-month plan. WordPress standard “Personal” plan annual renewal charge included in our Management Plan. For notes #3 and 4 see below Comparison chart.]

Website Design Plan Comparison

See below for a detailed comparison of our Website Design options:

Website Price Comparison by New Wind

Additional Options Available

We offer some additional services that you may want to add to your Website Design services:

  1. Additional Pages– $125 per page, (includes up to 250 words of new text per page). Pricing for standard, text-rich page. Minimalist pages may cost less. Complex pages may cost more.
  2. Additional Stock Photos– $55 per stock photo (3 options presented for each)
  3. E-Commerce Site– if you want to sell products or services directly from your website, then often an e-commerce site is what you are looking for. Pricing varies, depending on the complexity of the “store” and the depth of your catalog. Please contact us with the details to receive a quote.
  4. Website Content Development– if you need our help writing additional text for your website, we can definitely help. We can create professional, keyword-rich text, custom written for you. Pricing is $ .20 per word ($50 per every 250 words).
  5. Website Strategy Development– if you need help deciding on the aim and direction of your website, we can help. We ask the tough questions and assist you in finding the right answers for you and your business. Pricing starts at $440, depending on how much research in required and how many strategy sessions we have with you.
  6. Custom Artwork– designing of logos, call-to-action links, and other artwork. Pricing varies. Please contact us for pricing.
  7. Local Landing Pages– we can create specialty pages that are aimed at particular markets or geographical areas as a way to broaden your audience. Pricing varies.
  8. E-mail Set-up– add customized business email (ie. for a one-time fee of $125 per user account.
  9. Website Update/ Redesign– updating the content or look on a website that we previously designed: pricing varies, depending on the extent of website remodeling. Please contact us with the specific changes you want to implement. Pricing for redesigning or updating websites designed by others or on other platforms besides WordPress can be more costly. 


Want to see Examples of our Work?

Reader Hill website by New WindWe can keep talking about the great websites that we design at New Wind, but it might be easier to show you some examples. Please see our Website Portfolio page.

Yucaipa Shoe Repair website by New Wind

Ready for a New Website?

Ready for your free consultation? If so, click below or visit our Contact Page. We look forward to hearing from you.



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