Training Seminars

Seminars for Managers, Supervisors, and Business Owners

Training Seminars by New WindWe believe that great managers always keep learning, and with our expertise in management training and employee relations, each manager can master the skills to become an even better boss.

Our New Wind Seminars cover a diverse range of topics, including:

  • Employee Discipline and Motivation
  • Wooing and Keeping Customers
  • Managing Office Staff
  • Creating Employee Policies
  • Hiring and Training a Great Team

We offer leadership training classes throughout the year.  Please see  our Seminar  Schedule  to  learn  when  our  next  class  will  be  in  your  area.

New Wind Seminar Schedule

Company Training Seminars

Team Training by New WindDo you need training customized to your business?

Do you want us to take your whole leadership team through the same training as a group?

If so, then we can conduct training just for your organization. The seminar will be customized to your industry and your specific company. Have us equip your team so that they can excel at their jobs.

We train office staff, managers, supervisors, field staff, and retail teams.

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Free Management Classes

Throughout the year, Eric Lorenzen conducts short seminars and presentations at various venues and organizations, such as service clubs and chambers of commerce. These speaking engagements are often free to members or even to the public at large. Please see the Public Speaking page for more information on either attending such an event or hosting one.

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