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At New Wind Business Solutions we provide fresh solutions for your business needs, especially for businesses and nonprofits in Redlands. We are your business consultant, your management trainer, and your marketing advisor. We are the problem-solvers that can help your business thrive.

We are real people helping you with your real problems. Although we love technology and digital answers, we also love being hands-on with each client. Your Redlands business is unique; it deserves our undivided attention. We listen and we work with you. At New Wind, we believe you deserve solutions that are unique, specific, and practical.

We consult small to medium-size businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits. Our areas of expertise include:

  1. Developing Great Managers, training managers, supervisors, and business owners on the practical skills needed to be a great boss.
  2. Maximizing Your Organization, helping to craft employee policies, safety procedures, and hiring processes.
  3. Wooing and Wowing Customers, developing strategies for effective marketing and stellar customer service.

In business for over ten years, New Wind has helped companies from a variety of industries, including: retail, retail support, restaurant, manufacturing, industrial, wholesale, construction, medical services, and home services. We have worked with entrepreneurs as diverse as authors and handymen. In addition, we have experience consulting nonprofits such as churches, preschools, and research organizations.

We are your Redlands business advisor. Whether you are a start-up just getting things in place or an established business facing growing pains, we can help. Our focus as business consultants is in business operations, leadership development, and marketing strategies. We help you organize your office, improve the customer experience, train your staff, streamline hiring, and find new customers.

Why choose New Wind? Because we are great at what we do.

Management Seminars and Team Training

Develop Great ManagersWe train managers, supervisors, and business owners in the Redlands area. We train those leaders on how to be a better boss. We believe that great managers always keep learning, and with our expertise in management training and employee relations, each manager can master the skills to become an even better boss. We hold large leadership training seminars, private group training events, and even conduct one-on-one training.

Learn more about how to Develop Great Managers.

Employee Policies, Safety Procedures, and Hiring Guidance

Maximize Your OrganizationWe can help your Redlands business to run more efficiently and effectively. We help develop employee policies, safety procedures, and hiring guidelines. We craft 1) custom employee handbooks, 2) mandatory safety programs, and 3) comprehensive hiring guides.

Learn more about how to Maximize Your Organization.

Attracting and Keeping Customers

Woo and Wow Your CustomersWe can help your Redlands business attract more customers by helping you find the best ways to woo them in. We can also help help your Redlands business wow your existing customers, encouraging greater customer satisfaction.

Learn more about how to Woo and Wow Your Customers.

Redlands is a wonderful community

Redlands citrusNestled up against the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains, Redlands is known for its stately streets, fragrant orange groves, and historic downtown. If you live here, you know that it is a wonderful place, where you get to know your neighbors and enjoy city events like Downtown Market Nights, the Redlands Classic Bicycle Race, and summer concerts at the Redlands Bowl.

It’s a vibrant city and we think your Redlands business should also be vibrant and growing. At New Wind, we are here to help your company or nonprofit thrive, by developing great managers, maximizing your organization, and wooing and wowing your customers.

Our service area includes Redlands 92373, Redlands 92374, Redlands 92359, Smiley Heights 92373, Plymouth Village 92373, Sunset Heights 92373, Green Spot 92359, San Timoteo Canyon 92373, Mentone 92359, and the surrounding cities of the Inland Empire area of Southern California. Contact Us today to schedule your free consultation.

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Redlands Business Advisor: We provide business consulting throughout the Redlands area, including Redlands 92373, Redlands 92359, Redlands 92374, Redlands 92375, Loma Linda 92350, Mentone 92359, Bryn Mawr 92318, El Casco 92373, Warner 92374, and Smiley Heights 92373 areas.

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