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New Wind’s founder, Eric Lorenzen, conducts short seminars and presentations at various venues and organizations, such as service clubs, associations, and chambers of commerce. His topics include:

  • Management Skills, such as employee hiring, training, motivating, disciplining and firing.
  • Business Organization, such as company policies, developing procedures and forms, and accountability structure.
  • Customer Relations, such as targeted marketing, customer retention, and online presence.

Meet Eric
Founder of New Wind and Senior Trainer

Eric is an author, publisher, and business consultant. He enjoys teaching and has had the privilege to train thousands of people on a variety of topics. He loves investing his time into others and takes great pleasure in witnessing that “aha” moment when a learner gets it.

Eric Lorenzen- founder of New Wind Business SolutionsOver the years, Eric has led numerous training events and seminars in cities throughout the Western USA. He has spoken in ballrooms packed with 100+ participants at a time, conducted product training classes for department teams, led management skill workshops, and has mentored dozens of managers in a one-on-one setting. He enjoys teaching, no matter the size of the audience.

Eric’s work experience is rather varied and includes being a college tutor and a nursery worker (plants not kids), but most of his work roles have been in management, training, and consulting. He has worked in retail store management, retail support management, publishing consulting, and small business consulting.

In 2008, he founded New Wind Business Solutions, a consulting company that works with businesses and nonprofits throughout Southern California. At New Wind the focus is on three areas: training great leaders, organizing offices, and developing effective marketing strategies. Eric still leads New Wind and is the company’s senior trainer and consultant.

Want to Have Eric Speak to your Organization?

If you are interested in hosting a presentation by Eric at your organization, please contact us. (Just tell us the details in the comments section.)

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