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Print Marketing by New WindWant to reach the largest audience in a particular area? If so, then consider Print Marketing. For most businesses, print marketing is still a good option. This category includes newspaper ads, magazine ads, flyers, advice articles, coupon books, and much more. Usually, you will reach a larger but less-specific audience.

At New Wind, we can help you develop a print marketing strategy to reach the best target audience in the most-effective way. We consider your sales goals and how best to meet it with your specific advertising budget.

Print Marketing by New Wind

How Much Does it Cost for Print Marketing?

Ads range greatly in pricing, depending on print circulation, size of ad, placement, and whether it is black-and-white or color. We try to find the best avenue to reach the most people who fit your customer profile. Sometimes that would be in a general audience newspaper, other times it might be in a slick monthly aimed at homeowners or a publication that goes to a 55+ community in your area.

How Much Does it Cost for Marketing Help?

We offer three approaches to Print Marketing:

1. Print Marketing Consultation– we develop a print marketing plan specific to your business, considering your goals, budget, target audience, and type of business.  Involves four strategic meetings (Business Goals, Target Audience, Competition, and Messaging) for a one-time fee of $650(1)(2)

2. Print Marketing Management– we actively manage just your print marketing, designing ads and placing them in the venues we mutually decide will be best for your business. We handle all the details, freeing your valuable time.(2) Pricing varies, depending on aggressiveness of your marketing campaign. Contact us to discuss the details.

3. Integrated Marketing Plan– We include Print Marketing as part of the larger marketing plan that we manage for you, working hard to get the greatest impact for your investment.(2) Pricing varies, depending on the size of your marketing plan and the aggressiveness of each campaign. Contact us to discuss the details.

(1) Consultation does not include ad designing. We can help with that too, for an added cost per ad.
(2) Price of actual ads is not included in either consultations or ongoing marketing management. That cost is extra and is usually paid directly to the third-party publisher.

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