What is the Price for a handbookHow much does it cost to get a professional employee handbook? That’s a fair question. We offer three types of handbook designing services: Pro Grade Employee Handbook™, Pro Grade 50 Employe Handbook™, and Pro Grade Plus Employee Handbook™.

Below is a quick comparison of the three services to help you easily decide which one is the best for your organization:

Employee Handbook pricing by New Wind

*Pricing is higher for multi-state organizations. We do not design handbooks for unionized employers, international employers, certain highly-regulated industries, or organizations that advocate for illegal practices. More information on these restrictions can be found on our FAQs page. Final price is determined after your complimentary 20-minute phone consult. Go ahead and Pick the Day and Time for your free phone consult with Eric.

Which Employee Handbook service is right for you? Take a moment to compare the features of each and then decide which one is the best fit for your organization:

Comparison of New Wind services

“Easy set-up and fast turn-around at a reasonable price. Professional quality (employee handbook) document.”

Jason C.
director of a retail pharmacy

Save Money with New WindBy going with New Wind, you will save money. While the do-it-yourself path may seem cheaper at first, it will take anywhere from 80-120 work hours to research, edit, and customize even a good template. Do the math. A decent DIY template or software program costs $300 or more and then you add in all those labor hours, you’ll end up spending hundreds of dollars more then you would have if you had hired us.


Custom Employee HandbookSave money with the experts at New Wind, and have the peace-of-mind that your new policy and procedure manual is solid.

Save Time with New WindBy going with New Wind, you will save time. We are efficient while being thorough, and often complete employee handbooks within a matter of a few weeks. Rather than wasting over a hundred hours trying to build your own employee manual, have us take care of it.

Save time with the experts at New Wind, and you’ll soon have a new, comprehensive employee manual that’s ready to distribute and implement throughout your team.

“Going through each aspect of the employee handbook and informing us about each of the policies and what is suggested for our organization. It was very helpful to have this step by step process and was like an HR class in itself for us.”

Simone S.
senior researcher of an environmental science non-profit

Get Started with New WindWe offer a free phone consult. You have nothing to lose except twenty minutes of time as we talk about your business pains and how we might be able to solve them.

This is a get-to-know-each-other meeting where we establish a firm price for designing an employee handbook for your organization.

This is also an opportunity for you to find out if New Wind is the right business consultant for you. We want it to be a good fit between us. So let’s talk and we’ll see where it leads. Go ahead and Pick the Day and Time for your free phone consult with Eric.

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Pro Grade Employee Handbook™, Pro Grade 50 Employe Handbook™, and Pro Grade Plus Employee Handbook™ are trademarks of New Wind Business Solutions.

New Wind Business Solutions designs professional, customized employee handbooks for new start-ups, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, small businesses, and medium-sized businesses. We have experience consulting and training with businesses from a variety of industries, including: retail, retail support, restaurant, manufacturing, industrial, wholesale, construction, and home services. In addition, we have experience consulting nonprofits such as churches, preschools, and research organizations.

Our services include:

Alabama employee handbook, Alaska employee handbook, Arizona employee handbook, Arkansas employee handbook, California employee handbook, Colorado employee handbook, Connecticut employee handbook, Delaware employee handbook, Florida employee handbook, Georgia employee handbook, Hawaii employee handbook, Idaho employee handbook, Illinois employee handbook, Indiana employee handbook, Iowa employee handbook, Kansas employee handbook, Kentucky employee handbook, Louisiana employee handbook, Maine employee handbook, Maryland employee handbook, Massachusetts employee handbook, Michigan employee handbook, Minnesota employee handbook, Mississippi employee handbook, Missouri employee handbook, Montana employee handbook, Nebraska employee handbook, Nevada employee handbook, New Hampshire employee handbook, New Jersey employee handbook, New Mexico employee handbook, New York employee handbook, North Carolina employee handbook, North Dakota employee handbook, Ohio employee handbook, Oklahoma employee handbook, Oregon employee handbook, Pennsylvania employee handbook, Rhode Island employee handbook, South Carolina employee handbook, South Dakota employee handbook, Tennessee employee handbook, Texas employee handbook, Utah employee handbook, Vermont employee handbook, Virginia employee handbook, Washington employee handbook, West Virginia employee handbook, Wisconsin employee handbook, Wyoming employee handbook.

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