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Ad Landing Pages by New WindAn Ad Landing Page is often used in conjunction with specific marketing plans. When people click on your online ads or emailed newsletters, they are directed to a specific page on your website. Maybe this page talks about a featured product, a special promotion, a discount offer,  or maybe it provides specific info aimed at a select clientele.

A Landing Page can also function as a place for discounts and promotions, especially if your clientele are the type who would be looking for bargains. This is often seen in certain retail and service industries like beauty salons, discount stores, fun parks, and so on.

Do you offer a senior discount? Birthday special? Seasonal package? First-time Customer Savings? All these offers can be set apart on a specific landing page to make it easier to update and monitor.

Why create an Ad Landing Page?

There are multiple benefits that can come from such a page:

  1. Helps to track customer response to your ads (you can see how many came to that page)
  2. Highlights a specific product/ sale/ event
  3. Controls website traffic, often providing a shortcut to the call-to-action you want
  4. Segregates time-limited sales/ promotions so that only that one page will need updating, instead of whole website
  5. Works as a coupon/ discount page if your clientele are the type who are looking for bargains.

Pricing for Ad Landing Pages

Ad Landing Page by New Wind1. The initial cost for adding one Ad Landing Page(1) to an existing website(2) is $185.

2. Integration for Discount Offers on existing website(2), to create Click-for-Coupons or Available-Discounts links throughout your website. Pricing varies, depending on amount of links required. Please contact us for Pricing.

3. Quarterly Updates (1) to your Ad Landing Page(2), changing to a new promo or new featured item, costs $500 per year (a $55 savings)

4. Monthly Updates(1) to your Ad Landing Page(2), changing to a new promo or new featured item,  costs $1,800 per year (a $420 savings)

(1)- new text limited to 250 words and landing page uses existing photos or artwork already owned by client. Additional text, photos, or art available at an extra cost.
(2)- We only add Landing Pages to WordPress-based websites, preferably sites that we designed. If your WordPress-based site was not designed by us, then pricing may be higher, depending on possible integration difficulties.

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