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Get Noticed In Online Searches

Online Presence help by New WindYour online presence can be as vital as your company’s physical location. Are you presenting the right image online? Can people find you? Do you have control of those online listings?

Make sure your business or non-profit is correctly listed in online directories. Do they have the right address and phone number? What about driving directions, service times? Wouldn’t it be nice to have your logo and some quality photos uploaded at each site too?

Get Listed on Google and in other Sites

Business Listing help from New WindWe offer assistance in getting your business listed properly on Google Business and Google Maps, as well in other directories like Yahoo and Yelp(1). We can also help with  industry-specific listings(2) for your type of business. We get your business “claimed” and make sure the contact information is correct.

Listings are free, but our time isn’t. Although most of these listings are free, it involves time entering information, verifying your business, and maybe uploading a logo or some photos. We charge for the time we take to complete all these uploads, but it’s only a one-time fee. You should never have to pay an ongoing fee for such free directories unless that consultant is actively monitoring and updating all of those listings on a regular basis.  Google doesn’t charge to keep you listed, so why should you pay some outside agency any “maintenance fees”? We don’t do that to our clients.

You remain in control of your listings. While we assist in setting up your online listings, we give you all of the passwords so that you will have final control of your listings. Some agencies will take over your listings and charge you a monthly fee for doing nothing. Should you ever want to regain control, they will protest and maybe even try to charge additional fees to relinquish that control. We don’t work that way. After we set up your online listings, we release them back to your control. This is your business; you should have complete power over how it is listed on Google and other sites.

Already have some listings, but they need updating? We can help with that. If the listings are under the control of a third-party, we can assist you in regaining control of them.* We can refresh and consolidate your listings, making sure they present a unified “look” and up-to-date information about your organization.

(* There will be extra charges for the time spent regaining control from outside agencies. Our abilities may be limited by any contracts or agreements you may have signed with those outside agencies.)

We can help get you noticed online. Have New Wind set up your business listings for you, verifying your company’s name, address, contact info, and then adding some photos or a logo.

How Much Does it Cost for Help with Listings?

1. Business Listings Set-Up: Setting up your business listing on Google Business, Google Maps, Yahoo, Yelp, and up to 2 other directories.(1)(2)(3) Pricing, $225 one-time set-up fee.

2. Updating of Business Listings: Editing of current listings that we initially set-up, including adding new photos or artwork.(4) Pricing varies, depending on how much is being altered. Usually less expensive than initial set-up. However, there is an extra cost when we must take time to regain control of listings that you allowed others to have control over.

(1) We offer assistance with “free listings” at up to 6 sites. (This price is for NEW LISTINGS only. If your business has been listed before, then please see #4 below.) Listings include the uploading of up to 6 photos, artwork, and/or logos that have been provided by client. Additional artwork or photos will cost extra. Help with additional listings is available for any extra cost.
(2) Any fees or memberships required for industry-specific listings are the responsibility of the client.
(3) Help with premium listings, for which directories charge, is available but may cost extra to set-up, and any premium listing fees are the responsibility of the client.
(4) We do offer help in updating Business Listings that we DID NOT set up, but this could cost extra, depending on who has editing rights to the original listings. There will be extra costs if we need to spend time obtaining access to your listings because you have either lost your password or do not have access to it.

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New Wind Business Solutions

New Wind Business Solutions helps businesses and nonprofits set up their listings in online directories such as Google, Google Maps, Yahoo, Yelp, and others. For a one-time fee, we help establish your online presence, making sure your online business listings are up-to-date and accurate. We have helped companies from all over the USA, but our concentration is on Southern California businesses and nonprofits.