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Online Presence help by New WindYour online presence can be as vital as your company’s physical location. Are you presenting the right image online? Can people find you?

At New Wind, we can help with your online presence. Every website we design is optimized for search engine visibility (SEO), but there are steps you can take beyond having a great website to get noticed. You might consider some of these services:

Business Listings

Business Listing help from New WindMake sure your business or non-profit is correctly listed on Google, Yahoo, Yelp, and elsewhere. Do they have the right address and phone number? What about driving directions, service times? Wouldn’t it be nice to have your logo and some quality photos uploaded at each site too?

Visit our Business Listings page to see what we can do to help with all of these details.

Local Landing Pages

Improve your visibility in searches done in neighboring cities. Have us create landing pages specifically for different cities or communities. You can attract as much as 20% more customers by creating these extra “entry doors” to your website.

Visit our Local Landing Pages page to learn more about how we can increase the traffic to your website.

Ad Landing Pages

Ad Landing Pages by New WindOften done in conjunction with a marketing campaign, an Ad Landing Page is dedicated to a particular product or service that you want to highlight. It might function as your Coupon page, Seasonal Promo center, or as a page to introduce a new service.

Visit our Ad Landing Pages page to learn more about the ways we can help to optimize your ad campaigns.

Product Landing Pages

A Product Page is dedicated to one product or service. Often done in conjunction with a marketing campaign, the product page can provide all the detailed specs required for some types of shoppers.

Visit our Product Landing Pages page to learn how we can help set up these pages for you.

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