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Online Marketing by New WindWant to aggressively reach out to people when they are online? If so, then Online Marketing is a must. This is a large category of promotion that includes Google ads, Facebook ads, paid leads services, and more.

Online advertising can be very effective. But if it isn’t monitored carefully, it can spin out of control and waste your marketing budget. When doing either CPC or CPI ads, it is important to set maximum spend limits (daily or monthly) and stick to it.

For Lead Generators, you also want to set maximum limits and carefully gauge the quality of leads you’re receiving.

Types of Online Marketing

Let’s talk a little about the main types of marketing that you might want to consider:

  1. Cost-per-Click (CPC) Ads. You pay whenever someone clicks on your ad, following the link to your website’s home page or Ad Landing Page. Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Yelp, and Bing all typically feature CPC ads. You bid on “keywords” and your bid amount determines where/ when you will appear in people’s searches. (The top three bidders are the ones who show up at the top of the page). Sometimes the bid winners are paying as low as $0.25, but for very popular keywords (like lawyer, bail bonds, business services) can cost over $50 per click.
  2. Cost-per-impression (CPI) Ads. You pay whenever your ad is seen by someone online. These are usually billed by the thousand viewings, so they are often called cost-per-mille or CPM ads (mille is Latin for thousand). Instagram and many other websites and blogs charge by viewing. Here again, you want to set you daily or monthly limits and keep to them or else your marketing costs could explode. You want to find a good place to feature your ad that will not only get a decent amount of views, but that those views will result in folks clicking on your ad and then buying from you.
  3. Lead Generator services. You pay when you either get a lead or choose to respond to a lead. Thumbtack, Porch, Home Advisor and many similar companies work on this model. This can be an expensive option, depending on the Lead Generator, especially if the leads aren’t of high quality. But for some clients this can be a great option, especially for a new business where you are willing to pay extra to get the work coming in.
  4. Premium Placement charges. You pay to get your business highlighted by a website. Houzz, Yelp, Angie’s List, and other sites offer this feature. This usually calls for a longer commitment (1 year is typical) and is charged at a fixed monthly rate. This can be helpful if your products or services are just what the viewers on that site are looking for. It needs to be a good match for you.

How Much Does it Cost for Online Marketing?

New Wind Business SolutionsOnline marketing costs can vary greatly. Typically, the click-through-rate on online ads (the percentage of people who actually click on your ad) is very low, so you’ll need lots of impressions in order to get a decent amount of customers. You might have a successful ad campaign the costs a few hundred a month, but if you are in a competitive market, those costs could soar into the thousands. It becomes a bidding war for particular keywords or to get an ad on a popular website.

Online marketing is very much a numbers game that works well for some clients but for others it can turn into a money sink. We often suggest experimenting with multiple venues, keywords, and budget limits to find the combination that works best for you. Once you find the venues that show promise, you can up the financial commitment.

How Much Does it Cost for Marketing Help?

We offer three approaches to Online Marketing:

1. Online Marketing Consultation– we develop an online marketing plan specific to your business, considering your goals, budget, target audience, and type of business.  Involves four strategic meetings (Business Goals, Target Audience, Competition, and Messaging) for a one-time fee of $850(1)(2)

2. Online Marketing Management– we actively manage just your online marketing, designing ads and placing them in the venues we mutually decide will be best for your business, and monitoring their performance. We handle all the details, freeing your valuable time.(2) Pricing varies, depending on aggressiveness of your marketing campaign. Contact us to discuss the details.

3. Integrated Marketing Plan– We include Online Marketing as part of the larger marketing plan that we manage for you, working hard to get the greatest impact for your investment.(2) Pricing varies, depending on the size of your marketing plan and the aggressiveness of each campaign. Contact us to discuss the details.

(1) Consultation does not include ad designing. We can help with that too, for an added cost per ad.
(2) Price of actual ads is not included in either consultations or ongoing marketing management. That cost is extra and is usually paid directly to the third-party publisher.


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