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Pro Grade Office Support by New WindAt New Wind, we help our clients maximize their organization so that it runs efficiently and effectively.

Our services in this area includes the following:

  1. A Custom Employee Handbook is a professional manual we put together with you, to get all your policies and rules in writing. We use the industry-leading software to make sure everything is worded right, and then we add in those extra, unique policies that you want for your business. When we finish the process, you’ll have a professional employee handbook to hand out to your staff. In addition, you’ll understand the reasoning behind each policy. Learn more.
  2. Comprehensive Hiring Guide. We help you develop an effective plan for finding, hiring, and training new employees. We handle the details, from crafting job descriptions and ads, to employment applications to interview questions. Improve your prospective pool, fine-tune your hiring process, and develop a professional onboarding process. Learn more.
  3. Mandatory Safety Program. Almost all companies, no matter how big or small, are required to have a safety program. We can help you craft an Injury and Illness Prevention Program, from a safety manual to injury reporting forms, from designing required classes to establishing safety standards. Learn more.

“Very thorough and took the time to understand my business.”

Roger B.
president of a manufacturing company

Read on to find out more about each of these 3 services:

Custom Employee Handbook

Custom Employee HandbookWe work with you as we design a manual that includes all of your employee policies and rules. An Employee Handbook is right for any business with multiple employees that has grown enough that it’s time to get those policies in writing.  Putting your employee policies in writing helps to make sure everyone understands what the procedures are for overtime, vacation, sick leave, using company property, and so on.

We customize your employee handbook, considering your industry, employee count, location, and the specifics unique to your particular organization.

Learn more about our Customized Employee Handbook services.

Comprehensive Hiring Guide

Hiring ProgramOur Comprehensive Hiring GuideTM  is a thorough, customized reference resource that will help you for years to come.

Get Help with the everything from Interviewing to Orientation. Your customized Comprehensive Hiring GuideTM will help with the whole hiring process:

  1. Want Ads and Job Descriptions
  2. Interviewing and Appraising Applicants
  3. Testing and Background Checks
  4. Job Offers and Hiring Process
  5. Paperwork and Reporting

Learn more about our Comprehensive Hiring GuideTM  today.

Mandatory Safety Program

Safety Programs by New WindWith a Mandatory Safety Program, we look at your company’s safety procedures and guidelines to help you comply with Federal and State labor and safety regulations.

We review your safety program and help establish the general policies and forms required by Cal-OSHA.  We assess your company’s safety procedures. If you lack an Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP), we will design a basic one* for you. (An IIPP is mandatory for almost all types of businesses.)

(*This does not include the designing of specialized safety policies or safety training that might be required of industries considered higher-risk by Cal-OSHA. Such additional policies may be an additional cost.)

Injury Reporting Forms, Safety Training Forms, and Compliance Checklists. If you don’t have injury reporting forms, we’ll create those too.

Learn more about our Mandatory Safety Program.

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