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Marketing Plans by New WindCustomers won’t necessarily come banging at your door, begging to do business with you. Often, you have to blow your own horn and do something proactive to get people to notice. That’s when a Marketing Plan becomes vital. You need to  have a strategy for building up your business.

  • Who are you trying to reach?
  • Where can you find your target group?
  • What is the best way to be seen and remembered?
  • Considering your marketing budget, what will get the best results?
  • Which Marketing options are best for your business?

At New Wind, we can help plan and manage your marketing. From designing ads to overseeing your marketing campaigns, see us for expert help.

There are two ways to approach getting help with your marketing needs; we can either help you with all of it or we can help you with just a specific area of marketing. Your choice. We offer the integrated approach, where we mix-and-match the different marketing options to find the best blend for your particular business. We also offer the á la carte approach, where we help with just one or two specific marketing options.

1. Integrated Approach

We work with you to develop and implement a comprehensive marketing plan that considers many possible ways to drive more business your way:

Integrated Marketing Consultation

Marketing Plans by New WindFor an Integrated Marketing Consultation, we hold six sessions with you to help formulate a marketing plan that will work for your unique business. The sessions cover Business Goals, Target Audience, Competition, Messaging, Advertising Channels, and Layered Campaigns, for a one-time fee of $960(1)(2)

(1) Consultation does not include ad designing. We can help with that too, for an added cost per ad.
(2) Price of actual ads is not included in either consultations or ongoing marketing management. That cost is extra and is usually paid directly to the third-party publisher.

Integrated Marketing Management

Marketing Management by New WindWith Integrated Marketing Management, we manage your marketing plan, including any ad campaigns, across multiple venues and streams.  We work hard to get the greatest impact for your investment, building brand awareness and driving in more sales. (1) Pricing varies, depending on the size of your marketing plan and the aggressiveness of each campaign. Contact us to discuss the details.

(1) Price of actual ads is not included in either consultations or ongoing marketing management. That cost is extra and is usually paid directly to the third-party publisher.

2. Á La Carte Approach

You pick the specific marketing option(s) that you want to use, and we help you create a successful marketing plan:

Email Marketing

Email marketing works best when you already have a customer database. Send out monthly newsletters, company updates, client stories, or seasonal promotions. This is a way to develop repeat business, build brand awareness, and generate referral leads.

Visit our Email Marketing page to learn more about how we can help you set up and run an effective campaign

Online Marketing

Online Marketing includes CPC ads, CPI/CPM ads, lead generating services, and premium placement services.

Visit our Online Marketing page to learn how we can help you find customers online.

Print Marketing

Still one of the most effective ways to reach large groups of people, Print Marketing includes newspaper ads, magazine ads, articles, coupon books, and more.

Visit our Print Marketing page for the details on how we can make this an effective addition to your marketing plan.

Direct Marketing

With Direct Marketing, you reach out to potential customers where they live or work, with postcards and mailed brochures. This option is best when you can narrow down your mailing audience to a specific location, demographic, or industry, reaching out to high-value leads.

Learn more at our Direct Marketing page on how we can help you run a successful mail campaign.

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