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Restaurant Websites by New WindDoes your service area cover multiple cities? Do you want to expand your reach? Local Landing Pages are often a highly-effective way to reach a greater geographical area. Attract new customers to your restaurant or catering service. Find new clients in a neighboring city for your plumbing service or medical office. Local landing pages helps to attract people who are looking but might miss you because you aren’t so well known in that area.

Each page is designed for a specific city or demographic, as a way to improve your Google search results. When done well, it can improve the visibility of your business by as much as 20%(1) per year.

Like adding another door to your store… that opens in a completely different city

Medical Office Websites by New Wind

Instead of just having your Home Page as the way into your Website, you’ll have additional entry paths- routes designed specifically for a particular city, community, or demographic. At New Wind, we take the time to integrate these Local Landing Pages into your website, adding new text to make them attractive to search engines.

Clients purchase multiple landing pages, one for each city in their surrounding market, as a way to expand their reach. We do offer discounts when you buy in larger quantities (see below).

Pricing for Local Landing Pages

The cost for adding one Local Landing Page(2) to an existing website(3) is $185.

Add five Local Landing Pages to an existing website(3) for $725 (a $200 savings).

Add ten Local Landing Pages to an existing website(3) for $1,300 (a $750 savings).

For more than 10 Landing Pages, please contact us for pricing.

(1)- results for one specific client, showing 20% additional traffic coming through Local Landing Pages. Your results may be higher or lower. We cannot guarantee an increase.
(2)- new text limited to 250 words and landing page uses existing photos or artwork already owned by client. Additional text, photos, or art available at an extra cost.
(3)- We only add Landing Pages to WordPress-based websites, preferably sites that we designed. If your site was not a WordPress site designed by us, then pricing may be higher, depending on possible integration difficulties.

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