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Direct Mail Marketing by New WindLooking to reach a certain demographic or a particular area of the city? Then consider Direct Marketing. With direct marketing, you can reach out to potential customers directly, through EDDM Postcards, Proximity Mailers, Jobsite Mailers, Welcome-to-the-Neighborhood cards, and more.

This can be one of the more costly marketing options, but when done well it can be targeted at a very particular community or area. Reach out to the area with the best potential clients.

At New Wind, we offer three Direct Marketing plans:

1. Direct Marketing Consultation– We work with you to develop a mail marketing plan that makes sense for your business. Involves four strategic meetings (Business Goals, Target Audience, Competition, and Messaging) for a one-time fee of $650. (1)(2)

2. Direct Marketing Management– We actively manage your direct mail marketing, submitting ad designs, setting target areas, and more.(2)  Pricing varies, depending on aggressiveness of your marketing campaign. Contact us to discuss the details.

3. Integrated Marketing Management– We include Direct Mail Marketing as part of the larger marketing plan that we manage for you, working hard to get the greatest impact for your investment.(2) Pricing varies, depending on the size of your marketing plan and the aggressiveness of each campaign. Contact us to discuss the details.

(1) Consultation does not include ad designing. We can help with that too, for an added cost per ad.
(2) Price for actual mailings is not included in either consultations or in marketing management. Those costs are extra and are usually paid directly to third-party printer/ mail distribution service.

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