Customer Experience Consulting

With Customer Experience Consulting, we look at the best ways for your business to improve the customer experience, with the goal of increasing customer satisfaction and increasing repeat business. Learn how to wow your customers so that they fondly remember your company and are quick to come back. With our help, you can develop an approach to the sales relationship that is both professional and personable, and see your sales increase.

Based on our 12 category/ 100 item Wow AssessmentTM, we provide a detailed, customized strategy on how you can strengthen the customer experience so that you will have far more satisfied customers and gain more repeat and referred business.

Create a customer experience that impresses. We’ll help you develop a practical plan on how to pleasantly surprise every customer. Good customer care doesn’t need to be time-consuming or costly, but it does need to be planned. With our analysis and recommendations, you’ll have a game plan on how to stand out from your competitors.

Develop “assertive kindness” in your employees. With our help, you can plan out every major point of contact with your customers, from phone calls to walk-ins, from answering questions to completing the sale. Beyond just scripts, this is about developing proactive ways to wow your customers with informed and friendly staff. We help you to find the areas where it is vital for your employees to be assertive welcomers.

Add little touches that show you are thinking of your customer. We analyze your company’s interactions with clientele to find ways that will show them how much they are valued. We consider pre-sales interactions, the sales process, and the post-sales relationship. We look at your customer communications, facilities, follow-up procedures, rewards, social media, newsletters, and so much more. We look for “pain points” that might sabotage all your work, and find ways to eliminate them.

We are unbiased. We are a consulting company, not a marketing company or a seller of knick-knacks or a software company, so we aren’t doing the “square peg into a round hole” trick. We consider many possible avenues of customer engagement to find the right mix that works for your budget and your specific clientele.

With us, you can impress customers and get them coming back again and again.  Through Customer Experience Consulting, you won’t have to leave customer satisfaction to chance. We develop comprehensive customer experience analysis and an effective plan on how to increase customer satisfaction and encourage more repeat business.

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