Comprehensive Hiring Guide

Your investment in each new hire can run into thousands of dollars*, so you want to get it right. Have New Wind help you with the hiring process. Learn how to be a better interviewer, how to hire better employees, and how to improve your onboarding procedures. Our Comprehensive Hiring GuideTM  is a thorough, customized reference resource that will help you for years to come.

* Each New Hire could cost you $50K or more. Typical new hire costs include:

  1. Hiring Expenses (ads, testing, interviewing time, paperwork);
  2. Outfitting a New Hire (equipment, supplies, uniforms)
  3. Training a New Hire (orientation, classes, trainer’s time)
  4. Salary and benefits for New Hire for one year
  5. Repeating costs of #1-3, if your first hire does not work out.

Greatly Improve Your Hiring Process. With a Comprehensive Hiring GuideTM, you will see a remarkable improvement in the whole process, from interviewing applicants all the way to new hire orientation.

Save Money. With our Comprehensive Hiring GuideTM, you will be able to more efficient and effective whenever you hire new employees.

What’s included in this packet? Your Comprehensive Hiring GuideTM includes the following:

  • Audit of your Current Hiring Process– we audit your forms, hiring records, and procedures to make sure that they are in order and legally compliant
  • Job Descriptions– we develop job descriptions for all positions in your business
  • Want Ad copy– we create sample ads for you to use as needed
  • Employment Application– customized Job Application form designed for your organization
  • Applicant Interview Guide– customized guide on conducting legal and effective interviews
  • Applicant Evaluation Form– checklist for keeping track of the pros and cons of each job applicant
  • New Hire paperwork guide– make sure all documents are completed correctly, including the mandatory I-9 and W-4 forms
  • Orientation Day guide– customized guide for you New Hires’ first day, covering what needs to be discussed and what actions need to be taken
  • Orientation Day forms– includes forms such as a New Hire Checklist, Emergency Information Contact, Deduction of Wages, and Property Checklist

“You provided us with a well thought out and complete package that we can use for new hire orientation. It helps us remain compliant with the state and federal guidelines while projecting a professional and friendly image to the new hire. Thanks a lot!”

Ralf L.
president of a medical service company

Comply with Federal and State Regulations. You’ll receive detailed instructions on how to complete all new hire paperwork, including I-9 and W-4 forms, making sure everything is filled out correctly. Also learn the proper way to maintain employee records, especially your I-9 files.

Complete and practical. Our Comprehensive Hiring GuideTM is a customized hiring process designed specifically for your business. We consider your industry, size, location, and unique hiring policies.

We review your current Hiring Procedures. As part of the process, we review your current hiring process, forms, and record keeping to make sure all is in order and meets government regulations.

Get Help with the everything from Interviewing to Orientation. Your customized Comprehensive Hiring GuideTM will help with the whole hiring process:

  1. Want Ads and Job Descriptions
  2. Interviewing and Appraising Applicants
  3. Testing and Background Checks
  4. Job Offers and Hiring Process
  5. Paperwork and Reporting

“Fast, friendly, complete, and reasonably priced (hiring guide).”

Jason C.
director of a retail pharmacy

How much does it cost? Pricing varies, depending on the size of your business, particular industry, and other variables. Please talk to us about the details of your business and we will provide an exact quote.

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Not sure about your own interviewing and hiring process? We conduct a thorough in-person audit, reviewing your current policies and procedures. We also take the time to discuss with you possible options to find the right combination for your business.

Just 5 Steps to your new, customized Comprehensive Hiring GuideTM:

1. Schedule and Conduct your initial phone consultation
2. Sign and Return your Consulting Agreement
3. Set aside 2-3 hours for an in-person interview and audit to cover all the details for your Comprehensive Hiring GuideTM
4. Review and Approve your specific policies and forms
5. Receive your complete Comprehensive Hiring GuideTM, ready for use.

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