Calimesa Website Designer

GenuineHR websiteWe design websites for Calimesa businesses, non-profits, and individuals.

At New Wind, we design websites that are beautiful and robust, and those sites are hosted through WordPress, a world leader in web-hosting that has excellent SEO on a solid platform. We only charge a one-time fee for designing your website. Once done, the only remaining costs will be your annual renewal fees payable directly to WordPress and those are usually about $60 a year.

Calimesa Businesses: We can help your Calimesa business reach out to more potential customers.  More importantly, we can do so without it costing you thousands of dollars.  We create simple yet professional websites that help drive business in your direction. We can even help you set-up for Google Business and Yahoo Local to attract even more local customers from the Calimesa area.

Calimesa Churches and Non-Profits: We can help your Calimesa church or service organization to develop an online home where people can learn more about your non-profit. Get a Calimesa church website at a very affordable price.

Calimesa Individuals: We also design websites for Calimesa individuals like realtors, product affiliates, and sales reps. Are you trying to increase your sales in the Calimesa market? Have us create an online presence for you. This investment is not that much more than an ad campaign and it will be an ongoing website that will help sell you 24/7, year after year.

Great Pricing: How much do we charge to create a website for your Calimesa business or non-profit? Pricing starts at $475, and that price includes many of the features others would charge extra for.   Even if you load up with some of our extra options (like assistance with Google Place and Yahoo Local listings), your price will still be very reasonable.

Get even more pricing details on our Pricing Page. We want to earn your respect and repeat business by doing quality work, so contact us today.

What about website updates? We charge a one-time fee for developing your Calimesa website. You can do your own website updates- it is almost as easy as posting to Facebook. Many of our clients even do a “blog” or a news page on their sites where they regularly post specials or events.

What about ongoing fees? We charge a one-time fee for developing your Calimesa website, NOT ongoing charges. You will have an annual renewal fee payable to WordPress (usually between $30 and $60 a year) but that is all. Learn more details on our Website Designing page.

What do your finished websites look like?  We think the websites we design are both beautiful and practical. Feel free to look over our Website Portfolio and decide for yourself.

Covering Calimesa: We work with people throughout the Calimesa area, including Oak Valley, Singleton Heights, and neighboring Yucaipa areas. Contact New Wind today and we will be glad to provide you with a detailed quote.

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