At New Wind we offer management consulting for business and non-profit organizations. Our consulting is customized to your needs and priorities. We consult in the areas of leadership development, employee relations, and customer strategy.

We Deal with Your Specific Needs: Every organization has a mix of pain points: those areas that give you a headache or cause you to lose sleep. And those problems don’t just go away on their own. They need fixing. They need a cure. But how are you going to find the time to diagnose the real issues? Where will you find the right solutions for those pains?

That’s where we come in. At New Wind, we help solve those specific problems, be it in the area of your management team, your employees, or your customer strategy.

Struggling Leaders
  • Do you feel more like a scolding parent than an inspirational leader?
  • Are employees getting away with too much?
  • Do you have supervisors who would rather be a friend to your employees than a boss?

New Wind can help with developing a team of fair leaders.

Employee Problems
  • Do you need help in the area of employee hiring or retention?
  • Are you losing sleep over issues with employee behavior and performance?
  • Do you have some problem employees that need to improve immediately?

New Wind can help with those tough employee issues.

Missing Sales
  • Struggling to develop a cohesive “brand” that’s the same in-person and online?
  • Do you need help with developing stellar customer relations?
  • Not sure on how to turn workers into champions of your business?

New Wind can help with your customer/client experience.

What Hurts Your BusinessWhen you’re serious about dealing with your business pains, see us.  We will help you strengthen those areas where you’ve been limping along for awhile. Be it a chaotic office, struggling managers, or a lack of vision for a quality customer experience, we can help.

Your organization has done well so far, but now it’s time to step it up to a professional-grade. Time to develop a strong infrastructure to support your business: with well-equipped leaders, a maximized office, and a purposeful customer strategy.

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary, 20-minute phone consult. You have nothing to lose except a half-hour of time as we talk about your business pains and how we might be able to solve them. To be clear, this is NOT a free coaching session where we tell you what to do and you go away and do it. That would be a disservice to both of us- like slapping a band-aid on a serious wound. Instead, the 20-minute phone consult is more of a get-to-know-each-other meeting. It’s your chance to see if New Wind is the right management consultant for you.

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What Others Say about New Wind

In business for over ten years, New Wind has helped companies from a variety of industries, including: retail, retail support, restaurant, manufacturing, industrial, wholesale, construction, medical services, and home services. We have worked with entrepreneurs as diverse as authors and handymen. In addition, we have experience consulting nonprofits such as churches, preschools, and research organizations.

If you are wondering what our past clients have said about our services, take a moment to read some of their comments:

“Very thorough and took the time to understand my business.”

Roger B.
president of a manufacturing company

“You provided us with a well thought out and complete package that we can use for new hire orientation. It helps us remain compliant with the state and federal guidelines while projecting a professional and friendly image to the new hire. Thanks a lot!”

Ralf L.
president of a medical service company

“The service was excellent. Eric always got back to us in a timely manner, and was extremely professional.”

Leslie O.
vice president of a wholesale and distribution company

Read more comments on our Testimonials page.

How much does it cost? We will need more information to determine service options and pricing, which is why we offer a complimentary 20-minute phone consult. It’s your chance to see if New Wind is the right managment consultant for you.

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New Wind Business Solutions

Professional-Grade Management ConsultingSM is a service mark of New Wind Business Solutions.

New Wind Business Solutions offers in-person management consulting to companies and non-profits throughout Southern California, including in areas of Riverside County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, San Gabriel Valley area of Los Angeles County, and North County area of San Diego County. We consult small businesses, mid-size businesses, start-ups, churches, and other non-profits.

New Wind also offers management consulting online to organizations throughout the USA.