Woo and Wow Customers

Woo and Wow Customers

At New Wind, we help our clients discover the right mixture of marketing and customer servicethat will allow their business to thrive. We are NOT a marketing company, so we don’t have a particular product or service that we’re pushing. We are a consulting company and we help business owners and managers understand what’s best for their particular business.

After a customized assessment from us, you will be able to invest your marketing dollars in the best ways to help increase sales. Become an informed business owner or manager. Have us do the research and provide the marketing advice before you ever talk to any marketing company or start any advertising campaigns.

Our services include the following:

  1. Woo AssessmentTM is all about Customer Acquisition. We tackle how to attract new customers
  2. Wow AssessmentTM  is all about Customer Retention. We tacke how to improve the customer experience, in order to increase customer satisfaction and increase repeat business
  3. Wonder PackageTM, designed for Start-Ups, this is a lean version of Woo and Wow, offering basics that you will need to start your business successfully.

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