Websites and Marketing for Your New Business

At New Wind Business Solutions, we provide fresh solutions for your business needs. When starting a new business, there are so many things you have to do and one area that you can’t neglect is your online presence. You need a robust website. You need a strong online presence. You need an effective marketing plan. You need us.

We can design your website, develop your online presence, and assist with marketing, and we customize it all to your unique business. With our help, you can stand out from the competition.

We do all of this for businesses, non-profits, and individuals.

Why choose New Wind? Because we are great at what we do.

Get a Website that is Perfect for You

Website Designing by New WindWe design fantastic websites, customized to each client. At New Wind, we have experience with many different types of industries and professions, and we work hard to understand what makes you unique in your particular marketplace. Your new website should reflect your personality and the image your want your new business to have.

Our services include Website Design, Content Development, Strategy Development, Website Maintenance, and Website Management.

To learn more, go to our Website Designing section, or to see examples of some of the websites we’ve built, visit our Website Design Portfolio.


Grow Much BIGGER Online

Online Presence by New WindWhen it comes to your online presence, you want to be the biggest kid in town. You want to be noticed… noticed for the right reasons. We can build up your internet presence. We can enlarge your online footprint. It can take time to get noticed online, but with the right help you can make it happen.

At New Wind, we can help with business listings, local landing pages, product pages, Google Maps, and other ways to improve your online visibility.

For many businesses, “online” is like their second storefront. For many others, “online” is the only way people can find them. Either way, it’s important to get this right. Think of “Online Presence” as a way to put neon arrows out on the internet, with all those arrows pointing at your website, leading people in.

People are looking. We want them to find you. To learn more, go to our Online Presence section.

Reach Your Audience

Marketing Plans by New WindWith the right marketing plan, you will be able to effectively reach the right people, the people who want what you are offering.

Good marketing catches the attention those who wouldn’t normally encounter your business otherwise. It tells the story of their need/problem/hurt and how you have the solution.

We can help develop your marketing strategy and manage your marketing campaigns. We’ll help find the right mix to reach the audience you want within your budget. We help in the areas of direct mail, print marketing, online marketing, email marketing, and more.

To learn more, go to our Marketing Plans section.

Schedule a Meeting

We should talk, whether in-person, on the phone, or via email. We can help get your business started the right way, with a robust website and a strong online presence. We can help you create a bold marketing plan aimed at the right audience.

Contact Us today.

New Wind Business Solutions

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